Randonée (Ski Touring) or Cross-Country Skiing

Glacier & Mountain

There are ski instructors, and then there are ski instructors, and your guides on this mountainside excursion are amongst the very best. Local ‘legend’ Tore is widely regarded as one of the foremost Telemark skiers in the Nordics, and his son Vegard has been recruited for his coaching skills to lead the Icelandic national team. They know these peaks and valleys better than anyone, coming from a family which has skied here for more than three generations. For all their pedigree, they are both humble, patient teachers who inspire skiers of any level with courage and trust.

This excursion is suitable for anybody, from first timers to decorated competitive skiers. You can choose between randonnée or traditional cross-country skiing, which typically takes place on more level ground. For beginners, a comprehensive introduction will be provided, and you can build confidence on the gently undulating slopes surrounding the property. Seasoned skiers, meanwhile, will enjoy direct access to the area’s most challenging terrain, which includes vertiginous summits and couloirs. Whichever trail you follow will lead you deep into the arctic wilderness – all of the ski routes are surrounded by the primeval beauty of the Finnmark Alps.

Inclusions & Specifications

Private: Yes. Up to 10 pax
Duration: Approx. 3-4 hours
Snacks & refreshments included
Equipment included
Transfers included. The guide will meet you at Isbreen The Glacier, and bring you back after the tour.