Snowshoe Hike


Snowshoeing is very akin to hiking and is easy to learn. Once you have strapped your snowshoes on over your footwear and taken your first steps outside, your local guide will lead you out into the wild terrain of the Jøkelfjord valley towards the family-owned traditional hytte, or wilderness hut. Along the way – if conditions allow – you will have the opportunity to learn valuable outdoor skills such as firemaking in cold conditions and how to build a snow shelter. At the hut, you will gather with your guide around a crackling bonfire to enjoy a warm drink and a snack, whilst they share captivating tales of the region’s rich history and folklore. This excursion will be tailored to your levels of fitness.

Equipment needed

Private: Yes. Up to 10 pax
Duration: Approx. 3-4 hours
Equipment included
Transfers included. The guide will meet you at Isbreen The Glacier, and bring you back after the tour.
Snacks & refreshments included