Dog Sledding & Husky Farm Visit

Husky & Wildlife

Husky sledding is an ancient Arctic tradition with more than 4000 years of history, and even in our own times the area around Isbreen The Glacier has attracted so many new breeders and husky farmers that it has earned itself the nickname ‘Husky Valley’. One reason for this is the ideal sledding terrain, which you will experience yourself as a team of dogs carries you up from the fjords through the boreal forest, ascending to the snowy meadows and fields of the Finnmark plateau.

Before heading out, you will be introduced to the dogs and basic sledding techniques by an expert musher who will guide you and remain at your disposal throughout. You may even have the chance to harness the dogs yourself, before climbing aboard and heading out into the wilderness. Those who wish may ride as a passenger, whilst - at the guide’s discretion – others may ride solo, or share a sled and take turns driving.

Inclusions & Specifications

Private: Yes. Up to 10 pax.
Snacks & refreshments included
Suits & boots included
We recommend warm, layered clothing