Festive New Year's Package

Fjord & Sea
Embark on a Norwegian adventure, celebrating New Year with Arctic experiences. Enjoy exclusive use of our property for you and your loved ones - your centerpiece is the Skalsatind double igloo (1507 ft²) featuring a sleeping igloo as well as a lounge igloo, perfect for relaxing and spending quality time together.

Our property rests in a secluded snowy wilderness, far from city lights, offering an ideal setting to witness the northern lights, visible nearly 200 nights annually. Experience this natural spectacle from your bed under the igloo's skylight, unwind in your private jacuzzi, and gather around a crackling bonfire to share stories with your welcoming hosts.

Experience an Arctic adventure during the New Year, immersed in local activities. From crafting your own snow cave and learning survival skills from Arctic experts, to joining a local fisherman on a fjord cruise to observe sea eagles, orcas, and humpback whales - each activity is tailored to the season. Feel the thrill of a sled dog tour across pristine, snow-covered landscapes, led by seasoned local mushers, or join your hosts on a snowmobile safari to chase the northern lights, capturing the essence of the season as the locals do. Slip into a survival suit for an Arctic floating adventure, drifting on icy waters while marveling at the vast Arctic skies and peaks alongside your knowledgeable local guide and fellow adventurers.

As midnight approaches on New Year's Eve, celebrate with a special Arctic flair. Indulge in either fine dining or a delicious family-style meal before gathering for festive moments around the crackling campfire and toasting under the sparkling Arctic sky with champagne or mulled wine. With luck, witness the awe-inspiring northern lights, a natural phenomenon that may complement a unique fireworks display, adding an extra layer of magic to the joy and excitement of the occasion while respecting the natural environment and local wildlife. Take the chance to experience unique Norwegian activities and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones at Isbreen The Glacier this Arctic New Year. Celebrate nature, adventure, and genuine hospitality, promising an exceptional start to the year ahead - a journey unlike any other.

Explore our New Year's special itinerary and plan your celebration with us! Click here to view the detailed itinerary.

  • Full property buy-out (5 igloos + main building; max. 10 persons)
  • All-inclusive: Meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fruit, pastries (premium alcohol extra)
  • Unlimited use: Kick sleds, snowshoes, jacuzzis
  • Airport transfers Alta-Isbreen The Glacier-Alta
  • Building a snow cave and survival training
  • Fjord & Wildlife Cruise
  • Arctic Floating
  • Dog Sledding & Husky Farm Visit OR Evening Snowmobile Safari
  • Local transfers