Swimming & Snorkeling with Whales

Fjord & Sea

It is a special experience to view orca whales whilst stood on solid ground, and even more magical to see them up close from the deck of a boat on the water. Imagine, then, actually diving in and swimming together with these majestic creatures, entering their habitat and encountering these creatures in the subaquatic world they call home. As you are introduced to basic snorkeling techniques and equipment, your local captain, Roy, will steer you out along the old migration routes to where the whales are most likely to appear.

When there is a sighting of a whale, you will descend beneath the surface together with your aquatic photographer and guide – a second photographer will remain onboard to capture your encounter from above. Your full drysuit, snorkel, fins and gloves will enable you to stay for a long time in this timeless realm beneath the water in communion with some of the most noble creatures on the earth.