Evening Snowmobile Safari


Experience the frozen landscapes of the polar night from behind the crossbars of a snowmobile. Your guides, Lars Helge and Grete, will ensure a safe, yet exhilarating experience as you traverse the snow-clad plains and forests. Arriving at a viewpoint high up in the hills, they will kindle a bonfire and serve warming drinks, snacks, and stories. Nobody knows the stories of this landscape as well as Lars Helge, who was not only born here, but owns the land, and whose ancestors gave their name to one of the nearby peaks. As the silence rises up all around, your gaze will be led skywards towards the stars and, perhaps, the subtly twinkling aurora borealis.

Kindly note that, you may not have consumed alcohol before this excursion, and you must hold a valid driving license to drive a snowmobile. Those who do not wish to drive may ride as a passenger, whilst, at the guide’s discretion, other participants may ride solo, or share a snowmobile and take turns driving.