Snowmobile Safari


Outside a solitary house above a fjord in the arctic, a row of glittering snowmobiles stands ready for an excursion into the wilderness. There to deliver a full introduction and safety briefing is a man who is not only local, but whose ancestors gave their name to the summit of a nearby mountain – Lars Helge. He will guide you out onto the training circuit where you will have the chance to build up confidence, until you feel ready to head up into the forest and explore.

Nobody knows this valley better than Lars Helge and his wife, Grethe – who, in fact, own large parts of it, including the river and the family’s own hydroelectric dam. As you ride, they will point out traces of its diverse blend of bird and animal life. Your tracks may cross those of moose, ptarmigan, or Arctic hare. You may spot sea eagles circling high above you. At a viewpoint up in the hills, Grethe will kindle a fire and serve some tasty snacks, whilst Lars Helge shares the many stories that lay buried under the snow. Afterwards, you may even be invited back to their family home to share a warm drink or a meal, and experience true North Norwegian hospitality.

Kindly note that, you may not have consumed alcohol before this excursion, and you must hold a valid driving license to drive a snowmobile. Those who do not wish to drive may tour as a passenger, whilst, at the guide’s discretion, other participants may ride solo, or share a snowmobile and take turns driving.

Inclusions & Specifications

Private: Yes. Up to 10 pax.
Duration: Approx. 3-4 hours
Snowmobile, suit, helmet, gloves & boots
Snacks & refreshments
We recommend warm, layered clothing