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Welcome to Vika, this is the name of our property, the beginning of our adventure.
In 2010, we got the opportunity to buy this beautiful piece of land in Jøkelfjord, close by to where Tonny was born and raised, and we couldn’t let that opportunity pass us by.
The property Vika stretches from the coast to the mountain top, ideally placed with direct view to both the Øksfjordjøkelen glacier and the spectacular Kvænangstindan mountain range, it has everything from seaweed and caves to viewpoints and trails.
We love our property and chose to name our final igloo after it. We hope you will love it too.

The Vika igloo is located next to the sea, it has a big terrace outside with a private jacuzzi, and room for sunbeds and chairs to enjoy the summer sun or the Northern Lights.

This igloo has a queen size bed with head board, comfortable recliner chairs and a fully equipped bathroom.

We fitted this igloo with a high quality bed from Odel and goose down duvets. The igloo has under floor heating, a heat pump and air-conditioning, so your stay will always be the temperature you choose.
We put in a coffee machine, electric kettle and a minibar to keep you refreshed, and of course you have a private and secure hight speed wifi network, so that you may enjoy the world in peace and quiet without a worry.

What's included

Queen-size bed
Shower e1646174752555
Electrical heating
Air conditioning
Private terrace
Jacuzzi e1646174763254
Terrace furiture
Terrace furniture
Coffee and tea facilities
Sea view
Sea view
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