All you need to know before arriving at Isbreen The Glacier


After landing at Alta Airport, drive west on Road E6 toward Alteidet. Just before reaching Alteidet, turn right and follow signs for Jøkelfjord on Road FV7966. The drive takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, but this can vary depending on traffic, road conditions, and any stops you might make along the way. Once in Jøkelfjord, find Isbreen The Glacier by following local signs (Google Maps can be misleading).

Local transfers within a 10-minute drive will be easily accessible and provided by the staff. However, for longer distances, you will need to arrange transportation in advance as certain activities might require transport to their starting points. If you are using your own vehicle, this will not be an issue, and our staff will provide directions.

Weather & Clothing

Your desired experience is paramount in determining the ideal timeframe. Allow us to offer a generalized overview of the months to assist you in making an informed decision:


Temperature: -5 to -15°C

Weather: Snow, wind, and clear skies

Daylight: 2-4 hours

Northern Lights: Visible

Sun: Returns (Sun returns late January)

Landscape: Enveloped in snow


Temperature: -5 to -10°C

Weather: Heavy snowfalls, wind, and clear skies

Daylight: 4-8 hours

Northern Lights: Visible

Sun: Present

Landscape: Blanketed in snow


Temperature: 0 to -5°C

Weather: Heavy snowfalls and clear skies

Daylight: 8-14 hours

Northern Lights: Visible (high activity around the equinox)

Sun: Present

Landscape: Covered in snow


Temperature: -5 to 5°C

Weather: Sun, snow, and clear skies

Daylight: 14-20 hours

Northern Lights: Absent (still visible the first week of April)

Sun: Present

Landscape: Snow-clad


Temperature: 0 to 15°C

Weather: Sun, rain, and clear skies with wind

Daylight: 20-24 hours

Northern Lights: Absent

Sun: Present

Landscape: Lower terrain turning green, higher terrain remains snow-covered


Temperature: 5 to 25°C

Weather: Sun, rain, and wind

Daylight: 24 hours

Northern Lights: Absent

Sun: Present

Landscape: Verdant with snow-covered mountains


Temperature: 10 to 30°C

Weather: Sunny with occasional rain

Daylight: 24 hours

Northern Lights: Absent

Sun: Present

Landscape: Lush greenery


Temperature: 10 to 20°C

Weather: Sun, rain, and wind

Daylight: 18-24 hours

Northern Lights: Absent (starts appearing last week of August)

Sun: Present

Landscape: Flourishing greenery


Temperature: 0 to 15°C

Weather: Storms, sun, rain, snow, and night frost

Daylight: 8-18 hours

Northern Lights: Visible (high activity around the equinox)

Sun: Present

Landscape: Autumn hues with chances of snow


Temperature: -5 to 5°C

Weather: Rain, snow, wind, occasional sun

Daylight: 4-8 hours

Northern Lights: Visible

Sun: Present

Landscape: Brownish with icy patches and possible snow cover


Temperature: 0 to -10°C

Weather: Snow, clear skies, intermittent rain

Daylight: 3-4 hours

Northern Lights: Visible

Sun: Present (Sun disappears late November)

Landscape: Brownish with ice and possible snow


Temperature: -2 to -15°C

Weather: Snow, clear skies, and wind

Daylight: 0-3 hours

Northern Lights: Visible

Sun: Absent

Landscape: Covered in snow

The ideal recommendations might vary based on your travel time, yet here are some overarching guidelines to consider:

Throughout the winter months, it is advisable to pack:

  • Long woolen undergarments
  • Winter hat, mittens, gloves, and a cozy buff neck or scarf
  • Insulated winter footwear
  • Winter pants and a down jacket

As for the other months, monitoring the weather forecast is key due to notable temperature variations. However, some general suggestions include:

  • Hat, gloves, and a versatile buff neck
  • A wind-resistant jacket
  • Sturdy Gore-Tex footwear

Remember, taking a plunge into the Arctic waters is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do not miss the chance to check it off your bucket list! Also, our outdoor jacuzzis are available year-round, so don't forget to pack your swimwear!

Payment & Tipping

All services require advance booking and prepayment via bank transfer, as we do not have a card terminal available for on-the-spot transactions.

Gratuities are neither anticipated nor obligatory, yet they are sincerely appreciated. Contributions are pooled into a shared fund benefiting all staff members, including those who work diligently behind the scenes to ensure your stay is outstanding. To streamline the process, we encourage providing gratuities at the end of your stay as one lump sum, possibly in an envelope, to the Property Manager. They will ensure equal distribution among the staff. Your generosity is highly valued and directly supports our team.


Absolutely! However, to maintain tranquility given the wind's ability to carry noise outside the igloos, we have an age restriction. When the property is booked by individuals, we are unable to accommodate children under 12. If the entire property is booked by one family or travel party, children as young as 6 are welcome.

Pets or animals are not permitted due to several reasons. One major factor is noise; to maintain a peaceful environment for all guests, keeping the surroundings quiet is essential. Furthermore, our property is frequented by various wild animals and birds, including hares, grouse, and other wildlife species. Additionally, some individuals might have allergies, and the presence of pets or animals could trigger discomfort or allergic reactions among guests. These guidelines aim to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for everyone.

The straightforward answer is "No". In Norway, limitations on personal alcohol consumption align with national regulations overseeing alcohol sales and consumption. These restrictions are in place to comply with licensing requirements, control alcohol service, and maintain a safe environment for guests. As our property operates on an all-inclusive basis, we abide by these regulations. To ensure a smooth and compliant experience, we encourage guests to pre-order any specific requests they may have.

For everyone's comfort, smoking is not allowed inside the igloos or the main building. If you would like to smoke, please do so outdoors, and our staff will provide you with a cigarette disposal.