Arctic Floating

Fjord & Sea

The water of the arctic fjords is crystal clear and inviting – although perhaps, for most people, a touch too cold. On your arctic floating excursion, however, you will be able to lay back and drift blissfully across the surface of the fjord whilst remaining completely warm and dry. As you wriggle into your full-body neoprene floatation suit, you may feel like an interstellar explorer about to climb into a spacecraft. This impression is strengthened as you slide into the water and drift on your back, gazing up at the bottomless sky above you.

Whilst floating, you are more deeply immersed in the arctic wilderness than you have ever been before. Cradled between the walls of the valley, with the glacier rising above you, you cease to be a visitor, a guest in this exotic region: this is a way of belonging, completely, in the natural world.

Inclusions & Specifications

Private: Yes. Up to 5 pax.
Duration: Approx. 1,5 hours
Suit & equipment included