Helicopter Touring & Expeditions


Descend onto remote islands, hover over ancient woodland, and rise above majestic mountaintops - our exclusive helicopter tours offer you the ultimate freedom of the sky. Aboard our state-of-the-art helicopter, you can explore remote and unspoiled areas that are inaccessible by road. Beyond the reach of ordinary travelers, these are places where few have ever ventured, allowing you to encounter pure Nordic nature at its most intense and alive.

Our helicopter tours provide a unique vantage point, offering endless opportunities for exploration, adventure, and breathtaking views. Experience the dramatic fjords, pristine beaches, and rugged mountains of Northern Norway from the sky, and gain a new appreciation for this stunning landscape.

The helicopter must be chartered for a min of 2 hours, calculated from the moment the helicopter leaves its base in Tromsø/Hammerfest, until its return.

Payment Terms & Cancellation Policy