Whale Safari


As fall turns to winter, vast schools of herring migrate across the arctic ocean coast to their wintering grounds in the Norwegian Sea. Hot on their heels, the great whales come flocking; orcas and humpbacks hunting with jaws agape, ready to suck a tremendous fish feast down into their gullets. This is why, from November through to February, the waters around Isbreen The Glacier are some of the best in the world for whale spotting. Whilst a sighting can never be guaranteed, the chances of one on one of our whale safari excursions are high.

Together with your private captain, you will sail out through the open water in a warm and comfortable cabin cruiser. As you scan the seas for any signs of whale spray or a tail fluke, you will learn all about the lives of these fascinating creatures, who roam the world’s oceans on their lifelong journey. You may also encounter some of the region’s flourishing marine and bird life, such as the great cormorant or the majestic sea eagle.

Equipment needed

Woolen long undergarments
Warm hat and mittens