Pure Nature in the Finnmark Alps

At Isbreen The Glacier, sustainability guides every choice. We have elevated our facilities on pillars to minimize our environmental impact. Our commitment to local sourcing ensures that our meals feature regional ingredients. Collaborating closely with local companies allows us to offer high-quality activities.

Jøkelfjord's lack of street lights makes it perfect for Northern lights viewing. To preserve this, we will not install street lights near our site and will limit outdoor lighting. Guests will have powerful headlamps for safety during the Polar Night season, balancing safety with environmental conservation.

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The Main Building

Arriving at Isbreen The Glacier, you will discover a beautiful structure built in Siberian Larch, strategically placed to give you the best views of the landscape and privacy from the surrounding igloos. The structure holds the property's kitchen and dining room, where you will be invited in for delectable meals enjoying spectacular views of the fjord below.

20211110 Isbreen The Glacier 8231